Duckling Update: Glimpse of Growth and Hope

In the scorching Texas heat, our ducklings embarked on a journey to become the future egg layers of What The Cluck Farms. 🌞🦆

This week, we observed the bittersweet realities of farm life. One of our precious ducklings, who had arrived weaker than the rest, has found its peace. Though it’s heart-wrenching, it’s a reminder of the circle of life on the farm.

But amidst the challenges, there’s progress. Our vibrant flock has taken their first steps outdoors, transitioning to a spacious, grassy brooder that they’ll call home for the next several weeks.

Pastured Poultry Ducklings

We’re now one week closer to the delicious, pasture-raised duck eggs that many of you have eagerly awaited. 🥚🌿

Stay tuned for more updates as our flock grows and thrives, and for the day when you can savor those golden-yolked eggs from our happy, healthy ducks.

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