Premium Non-GMO — Corn-Free — Soy-Free Livestock Feed by H & H | What The Cluck Farms

Howdy, fellow farmers and homesteaders! Exciting news from What The Cluck Farms! 🌱🐓 We’re delighted to introduce our premium-quality, non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free livestock feed by H & H, now available for pickup at our farm in Leon County, Texas. Crafted with care to meet the nutritional needs of your animals, our feed is perfect for chickens, goats, rabbits, and broilers alike. We’re committed to providing the best for our livestock, which is why we’ve selected feed that’s free from genetically modified ingredients, corn, and soy. Conveniently located near Waco and College Station, our farm is easily accessible to farmers and homesteaders in the Central Texas region. To purchase our premium livestock feed, simply visit our online store to see what we have, then we kindly ask you call or email us before buying online. The prices shown are cash prices picked up at the farm. Please note that all feed…

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Week 2 with Our Meat Chickens: Thriving and Growing Strong!

Week 2 Recap:

Just one loss, with the flock remaining strong and healthy.
Noticeable growth and increasing feathering as they continue to thrive on our non-GMO, corn, and soy-free feed.
The countdown begins: In just one more week, they’ll be moving out to their protective chicken tractors on our lush pastures near Bryan/College Station, Texas. 🏞️
Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to provide you with the finest pasture-raised poultry. Your support keeps our farm going strong! 💪 #PastureToPlate #EthicalFarming #BryanCollegeStation #HealthyChickens

Duckling Update: Glimpse of Growth and Hope

In the scorching Texas heat, our ducklings embarked on a journey to become the future egg layers of What The Cluck Farms. 🌞🦆 This week, we observed the bittersweet realities…