Welcoming New Quackers: Our Journey with Ducklings

Hey there, dear readers! It’s an egg-citing day here at What The Cluck Farms as we’re thrilled to introduce you to the newest members of our feathered family – our 18 adorable ducklings! 🦆

A Small Start in a Cozy Brooder

Our little quackers started their journey in a snug and cozy brooder. For the first few days, we’ll provided them with extra warmth, lots of care, and of course, plenty of nutritious feed. The setup may be small, but the excitement and potential they bring are enormous.

Growing Together: Duckling to Duck

As they grow, we’ll move our feathery friends to a larger brooder, giving them more space to waddle around, flap their wings, and stretch those growing legs. Watching them learn and explore will be a joy.

Meet the Stars of the Flock

Our new additions include 14 Khaki Campbell ducks and 4 Buff Orpingtons, all lovingly handpicked to join our flourishing pasture poultry family. Each one is pre-sexed, ensuring we’re on the right track for what we hope will be a bountiful future.

Facing Challenges with Resilience

While the journey hasn’t been without its hurdles, we take them in stride. Sadly, we lost two of our new arrivals (we were hoping to have added 20), but as we’ve learned in farming, every challenge is an opportunity to grow and improve. We remain committed to providing the best possible care for our feathered friends.

A Long But Egg-citing Road Ahead

Now, you might be wondering when you can get your hands on these fresh duck eggs you’ve been asking about. We hear you, and we’re thrilled to share that our new ducklings are the first step toward increasing our duck egg supply! 🥚

However, it will be some time before our new flock starts laying eggs. Ducklings usually take 20 to 24 weeks to mature before they can begin contributing to our bountiful egg collection. In the meantime you can stop by the farmers market and visit our booth, check our online store, or call/email etc.. to check availability from our current flock.

Thank You for Your Support

Before we sign off, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we’re working hard to meet the demand for our delicious duck eggs. Your trust and enthusiasm inspire us every day.

Stay tuned for more updates on our duckling’s journey, and we can’t wait to share their egg-citing future with you! 🌟

Remember, at What The Cluck Farms, we’re not just raising poultry; we’re nurturing a community, one egg at a time. 🐔🦆

As always, thank you for being part of our farm family.

Until next time, Michael and the What The Cluck Farms team

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