Week 2 with Our Meat Chickens: Thriving and Growing Strong!

Week 2 Recap:

Just one loss, with the flock remaining strong and healthy.
Noticeable growth and increasing feathering as they continue to thrive on our non-GMO, corn, and soy-free feed.
The countdown begins: In just one more week, they’ll be moving out to their protective chicken tractors on our lush pastures near Bryan/College Station, Texas. 🏞️
Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to provide you with the finest pasture-raised poultry. Your support keeps our farm going strong! 💪 #PastureToPlate #EthicalFarming #BryanCollegeStation #HealthyChickens

Duckling Update: Glimpse of Growth and Hope

In the scorching Texas heat, our ducklings embarked on a journey to become the future egg layers of What The Cluck Farms. 🌞🦆 This week, we observed the bittersweet realities…