Nurturing Pasture Poultry for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Greetings from the heart of our farm! I’m Michael Rice, the proud farmer behind the scenes, tending to every aspect of our pastured poultry venture. As a first-generation farmer, I embarked on this journey with my wife and kids in 2021, driven by our shared passion for ethical and sustainable farming.

Our story begins with a commitment to leave the land in better shape than we found it. Guided by this principle, we’ve dedicated ourselves to nurturing pasture-raised poultry that’s not only delicious but also embodies our values. Our pastured poultry aren’t just birds; they’re the result of our unwavering dedication to regenerative land management.

From day one, we’ve embraced a holistic approach to farming, carefully tending to our diverse flock with utmost care. With each step we take, we’re fostering an environment where chickens turkeys, and ducks thrive on spacious pastures, enjoying the freedom to roam and express their natural behaviors.

As a family-driven endeavor, we take pride in bringing you poultry that’s nurtured on non-GMO, corn and soy-free feed. Our commitment extends beyond the plate, aiming to redefine the relationship between farmers, consumers, and the environment. We invite you to join us in this journey of ethical eating, supporting local and sustainable practices.

Together, we’re crafting a narrative of conscious consumption, rooted in the values that guide our farm. With every bite of our pasture-raised poultry, you’re savoring not just exquisite flavor but also contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Welcome to our table, where every choice you make resonates with the care and dedication we put into our farm. Thank you for being part of our story, for believing in our mission, and for embracing the essence of pastured poultry.

Here’s to a flavorful journey that nourishes both your palate and the planet. Stay tuned as we share more insights, recipes, and experiences from the heart of our farm. Together, let’s make a positive impact, one meal at a time.

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